Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who Would Have Thought

Normally we hear compaints about how one needs to loose weight, I have been in that boat a time or two.. okay maybe ten times. This year I wanted to have a healthy body image. I am so proud as to how far I have come, but am starting to question, is it too far?
Recieving multiple comments about how skinny I am has become flattering. However, it wasn't until today when I got dressed into my Jr. year of high school jeans, (I know, I have clothing seperation anxitety, and hate to give the expensive stuff away), and did the normal turn around in the mirror that I realized they are HUGE on me.  I look like I am wearing Oaklee's diaper and its full of a lot of #2's. Sexy right?? haha wrong.
What do I even do, I love exercising, and I eat like a fat kid.. Don't get me wrong, I love being skinny, but would like my booty back, and a little muscle in my legs. It's safe to say J was right and I need to get some serious squatting in...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Its been awhile

My life has certainly changed since my last blog posts... Those feelings were real, and at the time I remember thinking totally unbearable. As I go to bed tonight I am realizing that my life is perfect. Sure there are things that I wish I would change, and with time I will... I wake up everyday happy, blessed, and so thankful for where I am at. I have a healthy 6 month old, we live with gram and gramps, she gets to see uncles and auntie daily. Her daddy is just a FaceTime away (not ideal, but we love technology). I get to see her shine, smile and laugh, learn, and experience life every single day. I am so fortunate to have a little job that pays the minimal bills we have for now, and am so lucky I have friends and family helping me find a job that will be able to get us out on our own, and standing on my feet.

I am surrounded my people that love and adore me, and it wasn't until last night that I really realized that I have gotta do me, that is it. As long as I am looking out for Oaklee and myself and building the best life for us, I am doing it. I will succeed.