Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Where did October go? Since Oaklee is a sleep, work is done for the moment, and my house is clean I have a few minutes to post what we did this October.

First and for most… Disneyland! Happiest Place On Earth! It was Oaklee and Jamaine's first time ever going. I think I was more excited to go then the both of them combined.

Jamaine was already in California "working" and Oaklee and I flew in early one morning. I woke Oaklee up at 6 am, mind you she usually doesn't get up until 8 or 9.. so it was an early morning for her. She slept about 30 minutes on the flight so I thought for sure she would sleep in the car on our way to Disney, but no she didn't! Jamaine was making comments that she better not sleep so she could get his "moneys worth" haha.

Once we got the LA, Jamaine was there waiting to pick us up - Oaklee was literally so excited she hugged him for 20 minutes straight. Cutest thing ever. She missed her daddy. She didn't want to take her eye off of him all day. Any chance she got to get out of the stroller she would cling to him. He was in Oaklee heaven.

Ok, so back to the point of telling you why her sleep or lack there of plays in. She did not nap the ENTIRE day at Disney. She was an angel baby too! It was so much to take in for a little 1 year old. Daddy def got his "moneys worth"

We left around 6 the first day to go to our hotel in Hunnington. Jamaine outdid himself, We were right on the ocean. It was so pretty! We thought that Oaklee would sleep soundly through the night because she didn't get any sleep all day. We were wrong. She had night terrors all night and was up hourly screaming and crying.. it was brutal.

But we got up the next day with smiles on our faces, at least I did, and headed back to Disney and California Adventures. Oaklee was so pleasant again, she was soaking it all up! She did nap however at lunch and that was good for her and us.

Our favorite rides were: Mermaid, Poo, Bugs Land, Mickey's Toon Town, the carousel, Dumbo, and Tarzan. We also loved the parades that were put on throughout the day.

As far as characters go, she was a little scared. She loved them from a distance, but as soon as we got close she was terrified. So after about the fourth one we stopped waiting in line to get her picture. We would just show her and that was good enough for her.

We spend Wednesday enjoying Hunnington Beach. We took Oaklee on a run and then rented some bikes and went up and down the ocean. She was loving it for the first 20 minutes and then it was cold and she was miserable… She kept saying "da da da da da" Cold and tired are not the best combos for a baby. :( It was fun though, and I am so glad we went!

We then drove to Vegas and stayed with my grandpa for a few days. It was fun to play at the pool, eat good food, and meet his new Fiancee Yulia. My little fishy loved the water, she started to jump in on her own and was LOVING it.
We drove home Friday after playing at the pool all day and she slept the ENTIRE 6 hour drive! What a sweet little girl, huh?! Her poor back was bruised from sitting in her car seat for that long. It felt good to be home, but I am ready to go again! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Life

My girlfriend asked me the other day about blogging, and it has had me itching to get back. I love being able to look back on life and remember the little moments that slip my mind. 

Oaklee is 15 months, a diva, with more personality then I know how to handle sometimes. She stuck her pointer finger out at me the other day and said "don't" all because I took MY phone away. I was taken back, but also a little proud that I have such a smartie on my hands. Smart and sassy, just like her mommma. I guess I have no one else to blame but myself. Ok, I try and blame it on Jamaine, but lets be honest anyone that knows me -- knows where she gets it from. I am okay with that, heck I turned out okay! 

We have our own place again, and this time I bought all the furniture in my apartment, besides Oaklee's room, we already had that thanks to our lovely family and friends. But, I must say I have really enjoyed buying and decorating. Its MINE and I love it! There is much more to do, but with time and more money it will come. 

Speaking of money. This chick landed a FULL TIME SALARY JOB. Holy crap, right? I never thought I would see the day. The best part is I get to work from home, my meetings are scheduled on my time. Its fantastic. I love what I do! 

Oaklee started going to daycare three times a week, a month ago. I must admit I had anxiety the first week or two, I am not sure if she was having a hard time or if it was all me. We both have adjusted and I enjoy having me time. She is doing so well there and gets along with the other kids great. The only thing I dont like is the constant runny nose that she has had lately. Daycare is to blame for that.

We spent our summer in Texas and enjoyed it. Oaklee was able to see her Johnson grandparents often, and loved going to the pool everyday. I loved the pool too :) From Texas we "moved" to NYC. I took an internship out there.. and LOVED it, but after spending 10 days and over 2,000 on hotels I decided it wasn't the best fit for Oaklee and I. Oh how I miss it so much, and wish more then anything it could have worked. However, I know... Everything happens for a reason, and for that I am grateful. I am so happy where I am in my life. 

A few weeks ago, I started advertising my photography (on insta and fb.. dont know if that is really advertising) and have already booked 6 shoots. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures, and the extra income is sure nice. 

Well, I am back!! Expect to see more from me. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

All You Need Is L O V E

Happy Valentines Day
I never thought it was possible to LOVE someone so much. Miss Oaklee's first Valentine's day, well first Valentines day week. She has been wearing red and pink all week! Its safe to say I love LOVE! Since she got her 6 month pictures and I didn't have a good reason to send an announcment, or party invite out... I thought hey we will do Valentine's. So here it is. Oaklee's first Valentine!  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Give Love
Be Amazing
Choose Happiness
Be Peaceful
Feel Beautiful
The focus of my week

Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 24th Birthday Jamaine! Miss Oaklee is so lucky to have such an amazing Dad. The way she looks at you, and laughs with you is like nothing else. We hope you have such a great day, and know we wish we were there with you to celebrate!!

We may or may not have had a mini photo shoot today! And yes for all those wondering, I did make this banner for Jamaine. Turned out cute, huh? I surprise myself daily... I am becoming more artistic :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who Would Have Thought

Normally we hear compaints about how one needs to loose weight, I have been in that boat a time or two.. okay maybe ten times. This year I wanted to have a healthy body image. I am so proud as to how far I have come, but am starting to question, is it too far?
Recieving multiple comments about how skinny I am has become flattering. However, it wasn't until today when I got dressed into my Jr. year of high school jeans, (I know, I have clothing seperation anxitety, and hate to give the expensive stuff away), and did the normal turn around in the mirror that I realized they are HUGE on me.  I look like I am wearing Oaklee's diaper and its full of a lot of #2's. Sexy right?? haha wrong.
What do I even do, I love exercising, and I eat like a fat kid.. Don't get me wrong, I love being skinny, but would like my booty back, and a little muscle in my legs. It's safe to say J was right and I need to get some serious squatting in...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Its been awhile

My life has certainly changed since my last blog posts... Those feelings were real, and at the time I remember thinking totally unbearable. As I go to bed tonight I am realizing that my life is perfect. Sure there are things that I wish I would change, and with time I will... I wake up everyday happy, blessed, and so thankful for where I am at. I have a healthy 6 month old, we live with gram and gramps, she gets to see uncles and auntie daily. Her daddy is just a FaceTime away (not ideal, but we love technology). I get to see her shine, smile and laugh, learn, and experience life every single day. I am so fortunate to have a little job that pays the minimal bills we have for now, and am so lucky I have friends and family helping me find a job that will be able to get us out on our own, and standing on my feet.

I am surrounded my people that love and adore me, and it wasn't until last night that I really realized that I have gotta do me, that is it. As long as I am looking out for Oaklee and myself and building the best life for us, I am doing it. I will succeed.